Paul Costello Photography | About

Welcome to my website.

I have been a semi professional photographer for almost ten years, whilst maintaining my 'proper job' as a secondary school teacher near Walsall, West Midlands.  I really did start with a Kodak Brownie camera, taking family photographs in Aberdaeron in 1976 (ask your parents, it was a really hot summer).  My parents gave me a Pentax MG 35mm on my 21st birthday and things really started to happen.

From days at the top of Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth to afternoons walking around Covent Garden and Notting Hill in London.  I loved the image through the lens and developed a passion for people photography.  

I bought my first Autofocus SLR (Canon 100d) in the early 1990's and stuck with it for many years.  Finally, in 2008 I decided to make a 'go' at this hobby.  I sold my nice Audi A4 and bought a 'not-so-nice' A4.  with the remaining £5,000 I bought the Canon 5D II, a cracking portrait lens and a website.

Most of my images are people orientated, from the many wonderful shows I have supported to the simple privilege of capturing the memories at a wedding.  I love capturing the smiles and happiness of families and the essence of a character for headshots. 

When not teaching or behind the lens I am a husband to Sarah and dad to Ellie.  Hope you like my images and I would love the opportunity to work with you.